A closer look at Jordan Reed’s big game


Rookie tight end Jordan Reed functioned as more of a wide receiver Sunday in the biggest game of his NFL career. Quarterback Robert Griffin III praised Reed’s “catch radius,” saying that anything he threw up, Reed would find a way to catch. The circles represent where Reed caught the ball in each route.

First quarter (white): His first catch (1) is his biggest, going for 36 yards. Reed is injured on his third catch (3), but stays in the game, and gets targeted on the very next play (4). That hit took him out of the game for a little while with a rib injury.

Second quarter (blue): Reed picked up about 52 yards after the catch on Sunday, and demonstrated his power in dragging defenders after his fifth grab (5). He also scored a touchdown with a savvy foot-drag in the end zone (6).

Third quarter (purple): Reed’s injury prevented him from playing much in the third quarter, but he did make one catch (7) early in a touchdown drive.

Fourth quarter (yellow): The Redskins knew the Bears weren’t fully aware of Reed’s capabilities, and his connection with Griffin made him a natural choice on the game-winning drive. The first pass of that drive (8) took the Redskins to midfield. On a crucial third-and-4, Reed again delivered (9), making a move to shake his defender and set up the winning touchdown.